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Weaving words,
willow and wildness

Narratives by nature

I am writer, speaker and weaver, searching for wildness in everyday life.

I have studied the natural world, lived outside for a year and wandered myriad pathways through the undergrowth to better understand human-nature relationships.

It turns out that they exist in an extraordinary, limitless weave.

Word of mouth

Gina is very strong in presenting the stories of scientific discovery. She writes superb English and can turn your (Dutch) communication idea into a professional piece. She has very creative ideas about science communication at all levels from local communities to political arenas.

Prof. Huib Jan van Langevelde



I love Gina's authentic and strong relation with nature. It is a pleasure to be in her energy field, she opens up to the beauty of the surroundings. Her poetic power is impressive. The way she uses language reflects the beauty of what she describes.

Viva Meesen

Dialogue Facilitator, Nature connection

I intensively collaborated with Gina on the language-editing and communication of my Cambridge Elements publication 'Forest Governance: Hydra or Chloris?'. I truly enjoyed this collaboration. Gina is very collegial, works effectively and delivers work of a high quality.

Prof. Bas Arts

Personal Chair in Forest Governance

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