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 Winter Camp course 

Reset and reconnect

Start 2023 outside with a gentle programme to reset and reconnect with yourself, others and the natural world. 

We have five tipis available and a set of activities that will help you get the most of the outdoors in colder temperatures. Each tipi can host up to four people and is fully kitted out for a comfortable winter excursion (you just need to bring your own sleeping bag). We’ll cover practical nature skills such as fire making, outdoor cooking and keeping warm, as well as helping you to find your own rhythm to make the most of the outdoors at this time of year. 


We (Koen and Gina) have been exploring the world together since 2010. We first met camping in the freezing Scottish hills, and spent over a year living outside, encapsulated in the book Wild Jaar (A Wild Year). The winter months continue to provide some of the most nourishing and exciting experiences, and this course realises a long held desire to share the joy of a winter spent outdoors with others. 

And of course, we’ll leave you with some practical tips and inspiration for continuing your winter adventures!


16.00 27 January 2023 - 14.00 29 January 2023


Uteringskamp, Ieberen 1, 9443 Schoonloo, Netherlands

Age restriction

18 - if attending alone.

Children are welcome and we encourage families to come and spend time together, but please be aware that instructions are aimed at adults and there is no dedicated programme for younger audiences.

What's included

All activities.

All food for the duration of the course.

Camping spot with an equipped tipi, including a stove, sleeping mattresses, rustic seating and sheepskins. You just need your own bedding. 

Access to a basic toilet block.


€745 per tipi (incl. 21% VAT).

Tipi's can accommodate up to 4 people.

Course guides

Dr. Koen Arts

Author, nature skill instructor and lecturer, Koen is a seasoned course leader with a deep held fascination of the natural world. Through his work at Wageningen University, he dismantles the divide between nature and culture, inviting his students to attend courses barefoot and encouraging an embedded connection with the environments they are studying. As one course participant recently observed “Koen was not born, he grew out of the woods”. 


Dr. Gina Maffey

Storyteller, course designer and outdoor enthusiast, Gina is an experienced host with a love of nature that underpins all her pursuits. Drawing on ideas from multiple sectors, she weaves together new ways to find everyday connections with nature. Nicknamed ‘the wildness consultant’ by one collaborator, she relishes the opportunity to get creative with a group and find hope in a changing world. 


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